Scenic View of the Ocean during Sunrise

The ocean chemistry is shifting 100 times more rapidly than it did any time in the past 650,000 years. Algae and jelly fish are dispersing. Proceed to the beach and you are apt to find it smelling from rotten fish and advised it is not fit for swimming. Ocean pollution is rivaling global warming in its possible influence on the survival of the planet as we currently know it.

Can the sea be cleansed of its gigantic pollution? Pollution that includes sewer, home cleaning agents, agricultural products as pesticides, fertilizers, carbon dioxide, Raccoon Control Service in Stuart FL and animal waste are poisoning us. Compounds as polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and dioxin are important pollutants. The way to cleanse the oceans is now a significant question in the minds of scientists.

Acidification, another significant change in the oceans and seas is accelerating so quickly that it threatens the survival of coral reefs and reefs. In a recent report by a panel of marine scientists in a symposium at Monaco that happened in October, 2008 a dire prediction indicated that the increasing acidity will aggressively impact marine ecosystems and directly influence the food supply of half the world’s inhabitants.

H.S.H. Prince Albert II, an extremely concerned citizen of the world and renowned environmentalist, attended the symposium and strongly supported the announcement that calls for world leaders to immediately concentrate on the potentially devastating issues of sea pollution.

The dangers to our overall health, immune systems, brain working with deterioration of mental ability and one’s IQ, and the increasing likelihood of having certain types of cancer are becoming better known and known.

The job is obvious. There has to be an increase in developing methods to fight all forms of pollution, of which sea pollution is among the most important. Reduction of fossil fuel burning is important to reduce global warming and sea pollution which threaten our lives and future. Urgency to handle these immense problems is easily apparent.

If you’re deeply concerned for the future of the world, read “Rescue,” a book, that focuses on the increasing risks to earth as global warming and global pollution sweep the world. It provides solutions to the immense crisis that confronts us.

Ocean Pollution

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